Sectorization of plastic pipes passage

The CTE in its section DB-SI tells us that: “The required fire resistance required for the fire compartmentation elements should be maintained where these elements are crossed by the facility elements, such as cables, pipes, ducts, ventilation ducts, etc., excluding penetrations with a cross-section not exceeding 50 cm²” and also that:” Installation holes less than 50 cm2: Separated by less than 3 m from each other must add their cross-section, in order to determine whether they need to maintain the fire resistance of the compartmental element or not. ”

This tells us that for the plastic pipes passage, we must divide them from 80 mm diameter and also those with a smaller diameter if separated less than 3 m and the sum of their diameters is greater or equal to 80 mm.

How do we make the sectioning of plastic pipe passages? There are several procedures and it also depends on the type of plastic to sectorize.

PVC pipes: the most common is to make the sectorization with a Multicollar Tecsel®which is a metal casing with a 2.44 m length intumescent strip in its interior which is cut according to the diameter of the pipe to sectorize and it is anchored to the securing element with a fixing forks. In the following graph we will see how the system works in case of fire:

PP and PPR acoustic piping: This type of piping has a higher temperature than PVC  pipes and requires a specific test. For these pipes, the MCR® Multicollar should be used with a metallic shell and a separate intumescent product, with a similar behavior similar to the previous one and with a different range of operating temperatures.

If the pipe sealing is required to be hidden inside the floor, you can also use only the intumescent product rolling it in the plastic pipe by mortaring the hole to prevent the product from expanding to outside.

Finally, we want to indicate that this system is not valid for ventilation pipes of helical sheet since its melting temperature is higher than the one allowed to the intumescent product to close the gap in the indicated time. But if we replace the sheet section that crosses the sector (+ 5 cm) by a PVC pipe we can always use the Tecsel® Multicollar® without problems.

Sectorization of plastic pipes passage
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