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Tecbor® Y Board - Firewall Strips 25+25 EI-120 / EI-180

Spanish Royal Decree 2267/2004 on Fire Safety Regulations for Industrial Premises (RSCIEI) came into force on 3rd January 2005. The purpose of the Regulations is to provide an appropriate degree of safety in the event of fire on industrial premises.

At the point where a partition wall between buildings or industrial warehouses meets the roof, a 1-metre thick horizontal strip has to be fitted, which must have a fire resistance rating at least half that of the rating required for the wall, in order to avoid fire propagating from one warehouse or shed to adjoining warehouses or sheds.
Tecbor® Y strips consist of a bearing structure made up of square support brackets. These are fixed to the building structure (partition wall) at 1 metre spacing. The square brackets are made of struts measuring 46 x 36 x 0.6 mm.
Once the square brackets have been fitted, horse-shoe clamps measuring 45 x 15 x 0.5 mm are screwed in using 3.5 mm plate screws.

These clamps are spaced 450 mm from each other.

Tecbor® Joint paste is applied at the joint between panels.

Tecsel® adhesive is used to seal the joint between the strip and the building structure.

Types of Strips

  • Attached to the partition wall.
  • Built directly into the roof, when the roof has at least the same fire resistance capability as the strip.
  • As an extension of the partition wall or as a dividing wall running 1 metre above the roof.
Franja de encuentro Tecbor Y 25+25 mm
franja cortafuegos tecbor y 25 horizontal
franja cortafuegos tecbor y inclinada


Standard: Fire-resistance test protocol for partition wall / roof joining strips.
Laboratory: TECNALIA
Test Nº: 77949


1. 46x36x0,6 mm square bracket.
2. 45x15x0,6 mm omega.
3. Tecbor® Y boards 25 mm.
4. 3,5×25 mm screws (1st layer).
5. 3,5×65 mm screws (2nd layer).
6. 8×80 mm wall plug and screw.
7. Wall on which strip is fitted.
8. TC 60/27.
9. Clip for the TC.

10. Threaded rod.
11. “Sinard” type clip.
12. Metallic profile.

Description of Assembly

Product Document

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