Barrera FC11

Active Fire Compartment Curtain (FC2 / E240 - EW30 / DHA).

According to Standaard EN 12101-1

Active fire curtain


FC2  active fire comparment curtain forms a mechanic system integrated into the construction which requires little space and allows to control fire smoke and gas movement in a “hidden” way.



The system is made of: a fireproof textile curtain which only unfolds in case of emergency through side guides, a galvanized steel box which holds the curtain, a counterweight at the bottom to provide stability and a water cooling system.


FC2 IRRIGATED curtain is a system with positive security, that is to say, it automatically goes down in a controlled speed after receiving a fire signal, forming a tight closing against smoke and flames as well as maintaining the temperature on the opposite side of the fire within certain safety limits. All of this thanks to its cooling caused by the irrigation system coming from the fire detection system. Lowering can be done in two phases, with or without electrical current.


  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Unique buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels


IRRIGATED FC2 Curtain has been tested and certified in an official laboratory with EI90 classification according to EN 13501-4 standard.
Tested according to UNE EN 1634 “Fire resistance and smoke control”.
Tested according to UNE EN 949 “Impact resistance to a soft and heavy body”.
Tested also according to UL and NFPA standards.

Barrera sectorizadora


  • GCP: Panel responsible for receiving the fire signal coming from the detection system and therefore, activating the curtain. It allows seeing the system state as well as carrying out the maintenance works. It has a system of batteries capable of holding the curtains and electrovalves in a rest position in case of failure from the power supply.
  • MCC: Motor control module. Placed next to the engine, it keeps the curtain stable in its rest position (folded). Also, synchronizes the lifting speed and limits the lowering speed under the action of gravity even with power failure.
  • Box: Intended to house the fire curtain in its interior, it is made up of galvanized steel 1,5 mm thick. It has several configurations and support systems in order to adapt to the architectural conditions.
  • Side guides: Made of a 2 mm galvanized steel piece, they laterally fix the curtain keeping its compartment function despite the overpressure generated by the fire.
  • Closing Profile: Installed on the lower end of the textile, it provides stability to the whole unit and forms the closing of the box in its rest position.
  • Textile: Fabric made of fiber glass. United and treated to withstand temperatures up to 1000 ºC.
  • Motor: Tubular motor with 24 V DC functioning and operational up to a temperature of 300 ºC. Equipped with a gear system which allows applying the needed touch for the proper functioning of the system.

Additional Components

  • Centralisation in touch-screen system with a visual representation of state and alarms.
  • RAL powder-coated of the metallic elements of the system.
  • Acoustic alarm of obstructions in the closing display.
  • Manual reset of the system.
  • Voice warning of the lowering curtains (optional).
  • Warning light of lowering curtains.
  • Temporized lowering and/or in stages (optional).
  • Temporized escape button (optional).
  • Integration contacts with the central management system.
  • End of stroke.
Table curtain

Security Zone.

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