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Tecplaster® Mortar - Protection of Mixed Slabs

Mixed concrete and steel sheet slabs were developed in the middle of the last century to improve the construction of skyscrapers in the United States. Indeed, they benefit from a quick execution without the need for shoring, a thinner edge, and a better resistance / weight relationship than a conventional slab. All these advantages make them ideal for a use in the construction of industrial, office and modular buildings, as well as in renovation work.

When calculating the necessary thickness of protection, this type of slab is often treated as if it were a simple concrete slab. However, this is not correct. The main difference lies in the fact that this type of metal element with a large and thin surface has a critical temperature of 350°C, and not 500ºC like conventional concrete slabs.

The R&D department of mercor tecresa® has developed a new solution based on our Tecplaster® mortar by passing the “Protection of mixed slabs” test according to the Standard UNE EN 13381-5. The test gave us an excellent result in terms of thickness, while achieving more than 240 minutes of fire protection.

Foto Proteccion Elementos mixtos


Standard: UNE EN 13381-5
Laboratory: Tecnalia.
Nº test: 081265-002-2


1. Concrete Slab.

2. Steel Sheet.

1. Tecplaster® Mortar.


Tecplaster® mortar is usually applied with spraying machines, with a pump and by wet projection. For manual application, in some cases, it is advisable to first place a metal mesh, properly fixed to the surface.

Preparation of Tecplaster® mortar: Add water to the mortar in an approximate ratio of 1 kg of dry mortar for 1 litre of water. The ratio between water and Tecplaster® mortar will vary slightly depending on the desired consistency.

Preparation of the surface: it must be clean, without traces of grease, dust, or other disaggregated elements. Metal surfaces must be treated with a primer layer.

The finish of Tecplaster® mortar is usually rough but it can also be smooth. It is also possible to paint directly on the mortar to obtain a personalized finish.

Tecplaster® mortar is for indoors applications. The atmosphere should be between 5ºC and 40ºC with low relative humidity.

Tecplaster® mortar should be stored on a flat surface and never outside. It must be protected from sunlight and moisture.

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