Steel, croncrete and wooden elements protection with Tecplaster membrane

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Tecplaster® Mortar - Constructive Solutions

Tecplaster® Mortar - Steel, concrete and wooden elements protection (Tecplaster Membrane)

The most common structural elements are the ones made of steel, concrete and wood. This is the reason why mercor tecresa®, has developed a constructive solution that protects any of these elements, no matter which structural design we find in a project.

To get a universal solution, mercor tecresa® has developed this unique system intended for protecting any structural member by applying a specific thickness regarding the material and the required fire resistance.

This technical solution consists of a horizontal membrane which protects the structural members from fire with the application of Tecplaster® Mortar.

Tecplaster® is a fire-resistant gypsum-base mortar specially designed for the protection of constructive elements. It is applied by means of a spraying machine.

Tecplaster Membrana


Standard: UNE EN 13381-4
Laboratory: TECNALIA.
Test Nº: 72951


1. TC Clip.

2. M6 threaded rod.

3. TC 47.

4. Nervometal.

5. Tecplaster® Mortar (13 and 28mm).


Horizontal membrane made of metallic mesh fixed on TC 47 profiles, which are suspended every 600 mm from IPE 160 profiles by SM 8 and M6 threaded rods. Tecplaster® Mortar is applied with an average thickness of 13 or 28 mm.

Tecplaster® is usually applied by means of a mortar projection machine with a wet screw pump. For manual application, it is advisable to first fit a deployee steel mesh properly attached to the surface to be coated.

Preparing Tecplaster® Mortar:

  • Add water to the mortar at a proportion of 1 Kg of dry mortar to 1 litre of water.
  • The ratio between and Tecplaster® Mortar determines the required consistency.

Surface preparation:

  • Surface must be free of grease, dust and loose debris. Metal surfaces must be primed and concrete surfaces should not contain any remains of stripping agent.

Tecplaster® Mortar ussually has a rough finish from spray projection. In special cases, it can be smoothened. It can be painted with topcoat.

Tecplaster® Mortar is applicable indoors between 5ºC and 40ºC, provided relative humidity is not too high in the environment.

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