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Teclack-W® - Steelwork Protection (Columns & Beams)

Steel structures are a construction system used worldwide.

One of the main advantages is that they have great resistance per weight unit, which provides them with tremendous versatility and the possibility of creating complex yet light structures.

By contrast, one of the drawbacks of steel is its high thermal conductivity. Therefore, in the event of a fire, the progressive increase in temperature plus steel high heat transmission result in a reduction of the structure’s bearing capacity and mechanical resistance. The resistance and elastic limit are modified after 250 °C, and after approximately 500 °C the drop in resistance is
significant enough so as not to support its design capacity.

To avoid this, mercor tecresa® introduces Teclack-W® intumescent paint, tested pursuant to standard UNE EN 13501-2, to determine the mortar fi re protection properties when applied to steel structural elements: beams, pillars or tension members.

Teclack-W® has been designed and tested to cover a great variety of steel profiles characterised by their section factors. Likewise, it is tested for several design temperatures specified in the standard.

Teclack-W sobre perfil de acero


Standard: UNE ENV 13381-8
Laboratory: FPLUS LTD
Test Nº: CR-61-01, CR-91-01,

ETA-16/0359 DE 27/05/2016


1. Steel profile.

2. Teclack-W®  (thickness according to the profiles section factor and fire resistance time required).


Teclack-W® is applied through airless spray: nozzle size: 0,48 – 0,63 mm:
800 – 1000 μm of fresh paint per coat; and brush, roller: 300 – 500 μm of fresh paint per coat.

Applying Teclack-W® paint: it should be applied undiluted or with a maximum dilution of 3 % with water after proper stiming with mixing machine.

Spraying equipment should be cleaned with water after use and it may also be necessary to carry out intermediate cleaning during the working day depending on the amount of paint applied, temperature and stoppage times.

Average drying time at 23 ºC for a layer of 250 μm thickness: Watertight after 1
hour and dry to touch after 24 hours.

Repainting interval: with same paint, after 8 hours’ drying and with topcoat, after 24 hours’ drying.

Surface preparation: Surfaces to be treated must be completely dry and free of all contaminating particles (dust, grease, oils, etc.); they should also have an anti-corrosion primer compatible with intumescent paint with a fire reaction grading of bs1d0 or better.

The recommended anti-corrosion primers compatible with this intumescent paint are one component Alkyds.

Galvanised surfaces should be treated with a suitable adhesion product.
Unpainted surfaces coated with Teclack-W® fire-retardant, intended for use type Y1, shouldn’t be exposed to weathering (e.g. rain, moisture, or heavy condensation).

Teclack-W® paint has a working life of 10 years according to ETA Consult Technical Department.

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