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Tecsel® Flexible Sealant

Tecsel® Flexible Sealant is a combination of mineral fibres and intumescent graphite, with a protective plastic coating.

This product is especially designed for expansion joints. Thanks to its versatility and large range of sizes, it is extremely easy to install.

When exposed to fire, Tecsel® Flexible Sealant expands, thereby preventing temperatures from rising and limiting the propagation of gases between the different fire compartments.


Standard :EN 1366-4
Laboratory :CHILTERN
Test Nº :IF11069

Application and Use

Tecsel® Flexible Sealant is extremely quick and easy to install. Simply place the strip on the joint that you wish to protect.

The sealant adapts to the joints and can compress down by up to 50%, thereby ensuring that the movements of the joint over its useful life do not affect the stability of the sealant.

The strips are covered by a plastic coating, forming a partial barrier against environmental conditions.

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