Automatic fire detection systems helps to minimize damages

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

Thanks to the automatic fire detection systems, it is usually possible to detect incipient fires prematurely and thus intervene as soon as possible, so that most of the damage can be avoided. Avoiding the fire is what we call the mitigation of damages.Automatic fire detection systems allow the early detection of the fire and the begining of pre-programmed functions control. This includes among others:

• Alert people in danger zones.

• Call the emergency services and firemen.

• Activate the available technology to limit the spread of the smoke and fire, p. eg. closing fire doors.

• Activate the smoke and heat evacuation systems.

• Disconnect the equipment from the net.

• Check the automation building systems, especially air conditioning, ventilation systems and elevators.

• Activate the emergency lights.

• Activate evacuation systems.

• Activate the fixed extinguishing systems, that means the detection system becomes the center to control the fire.