Fires at home rises 25% during Christmas

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

During these special dates, especially from the 15th day onwards, fires at home increase up to 20 or 25 percent, more in comparison with the other months of the year. Christmas fires are basically caused by electric refills, incidents with fire pits, candles and gunpowder.

The installation of Christmas trees and other Christmas customs are the main cause of the increase of these Christmas fires. Gunpowder joins the list of customs that register a large number of related incidents.

Firefighters alert us to extreme care when connecting lights and other Christmas decorations. All Christmas activities require supervision if we want to avoid this type of fire, especially if there are children.

The fires at Christmas as in any season can ruin your life. The passive fire protection consists of construction elements and special products arranged to prevent the start of the fire, prevent it from spreading, prevent it from seriously affecting the building (structural protection) and facilitate the evacuation of people (luminescent signaling) and a safe performance of the extinguishing equipment.

To prevent this fires to ruin your life, take the proper precautions and install a good fire protection system.