Investigation to know what caused a fire

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

Mercortecresa wants to make people aware of the passive protection against fires importance, but we also want to inform about anything that a fire involves. You can see in other articles how to avoid a fire at home or of how to respond to a fire alarm. Today we have found an interview that we consider to interesting. Today we specially want to offer you the response of one of the questions.  It was National Geographic who made the interview to Richard Meier, a fire investigator in Sarasota, Florida, who analyzes the fires and its explosions for the insurance companies. Meier is also a member of the ‘ National Association of Fires Investigators.

investigación de incendios
First step is to figure out where the fire began, which is what we call the ” origin. This origin area can be a wide area, as a room in a house… The ” origin area” ” is the smallest area which is possible to identify and it can be so small as a thimble or as big as a room. After determine the origin area, it is necessary to search and verify things that might have done as an ignition source such as a bonfire, a blaze, etc… It is necessary to try each of them and determine if it is a competent ignition source for the fuels it has. There are typical fire patterns, which you can see looking at the burned things. For example, in a house you obtaine V shapes patterns in the wallthat they show the direction that the fire took. Then we do a monitoring. The quantity of damage is an indicator, as well as the witnesses declarations. Sometimes it is possible to obtain the video.