Life saving back pack

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that 60 people die in high-rise fires each year just in the USA.  Another thousand people are seriously injured.

Now, there is a personal life saving back pack for multi-story rescues and evacuations. The invention has patented an American company that ensures that it is particularly suitable for fire in which escape through the door is locked. Its creators say that their idea comes from the traumatic memory of 11-S, though hardly the backpack could be used in a large skyscraper.  Working with retired FDNY chiefs and certified by several firefighting organizations, SkySaver is an automated controlled descent device that can be used for rescues up to 25 stories. Whether a person is 60 pounds or 300, the maximum weight load, the descent is always at the same speed: 3 to 6 feet per second.

The backpack is simple to use. Pull on a red tab, put on the backpack, and clip in.  Then all you have to do is clip the cord to a pre-installed anchor point or secured piece of furniture, and you can repel down the side of the building to safety. At the moment it is only valid for persons weighing between 30 and 136 kilos, but say they already have prototypes for children or pets.

This is a demonstration on how it works:

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