mercor tecresa® participates in the First Diploma in Fire Protection in Buildings at the National University of Colombia

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

mercor tecresa® participates in the program as expert in passive fire protection and smoke exhaust systems for buildings. 

The National University of Colombia, during the development of the First Diploma program in “Fire Protection in Buildings”, has raised passive fire protection and smoke exhaust as crucial issue, requesting  mercor tecresa’s®  participation as an expert in the field.

José Manuel Marcos, Director of the International Division and Eduardo Fernández, Deputy Director of the Smoke Exhaust Department of mercor tecresa®, have been in charge of presenting both protection fields in buildings.

Passive fire protection and smoke exhaust systems were one of the specific and main objectives of this program. In order to develop this subject, all the necessary products to carry out the passive fire protection and smoke exhaust have been explained; as well as the application of both solutions in different projects.

Passive fire protection entails: the materials, constructive systems and the techniques designed to prevent fires or delay its onset by compartment or sealing; avoiding the fire seriously affecting the building with a great structural protection; as well as ease its extinguishing with a safe intervention of the fire-fighting teams.

Smoke control and compartment comprise the opening systems or mechanic exhaust equipments (vents) for the exhaust of the smoke and gas generated by the fire combustion, as well as the appropriate solutions to create smoke deposits through fixed and automatic curtains.

mercor tecresa® shares its experience and knowledge in fire protection.