Tecplaster Mortar

New fireproof Tecplaster® Mortar

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

In order to complete the passive fire protection catalogue and to offer our clients and distributors all sorts of fire-resistant materials, mercor tecresa® R&D Department has developed Tecplaster®, our new fireproof mortar.

Tecplaster® Mortar is prepared with hydraulic binders (plaster), perlite and vermiculite, which are two light volcanic components that give a better thermal insulation and material performance. The mortar is also made up of  other additives that improve their physical and fire-resistant features.

Currently, we are assigning this material new fire protection test, as we have done with other products from our catalogue, like the Tecwool F® Mortar. At this moment, it already has the two most common and requested tests for this type of projected product.

Tecplaster for Fire Protection of metal structures

According to the current test standard UNE EN 13501-2: 2016, it gets fire resistance up to 240 minutes.

Thickness of Tecplaster mortar for a critical temperature of 500ºC.

 Tecplaster mortar on H and I type open profiles Tecplaster mortar on Round or rectangular hollow profiles

Tecplaster for Fire Protection of concrete elements

The second test is also very solicited mainly at building alterations to ensure the correct performance on existing concrete elements.


Table of equivalent thickness of concrete

Tecplaster Mortar

Tecplaster® Mortar projected over steelwork.

A better performance and its consistency once applied are the advantages of this mortar compared to other similar marketed products.


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