New Mortar Tecwool F

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

The new mortar Tecwool F is a product composed mainly with Rock Wool and White Cement but it also includes other additives. This product is designed for the protection of structures and facings fighting against the fire. It has been manufactured in our headquarters in Leganés (Madrid) since 1998 and it has been in continuous evolution until becoming the product we have today.

Endorsed by multiple fire resistance tests, it makes it one of the products with more practical applications in the Passive Protection market:

– Metal structure fire protection tests

– Fire protection tests of structural elements and concrete partitions.

– Fire Protection Tests of Carbon Fiber Reinforcements

– Fire protection tests of the Forgings of Collaborative Plates

– Fire protection tests of wood beam slabs

– Fire protection tests on sheet metal ducts

– Fire protection tests of Stripes meeting half-deck

– Fire protection tests for the realization of Large Format Partitions.

– Concrete fire protection tests in tunnels.

– Etc.

Advantages over other mortars in the Passive Protection market

1.- PERFORMANCE SPEED: Tecwool-F projection work performance “doubles” easily to other conventional mortars in the same working conditions.

2.- PROTECTION OF THE METALLIC STRUCTURE BEFORE THE CORROSION: The pH of the Tecwool-F (12,4) favors the protection against oxidation of the metal structure against aggressive environments and specific problems of anti-corrosion primer in that structure. Other mortars, on the other hand, by their pH favor the corrosion of the metallic structure.

3.- WEIGHT OF THE STRUCTURE: The Tecwool-F mortar has a density of 250 kg / m3 compared to 600-700 kg / m3 of other mortars. For a thickness of 3 cm we are talking about an overload of the load bearing structure of 9 kg per square meter projected with Tecwool -F compared to 24 kg per square meter projected with other mortars.

4.- ADHERENCE: The new Tecwool-F mortar, having a shorter fiber of Rock wool and improving the binder, has excellent adhesion on steel structures with and without primer, profiled sheet, concrete, etc. The adhesion is tested in laboratory giving a result of a value of 0.011 Nw / cm2 for that of failure on metal sheet. In other mortars when small adhesion failure occurs, an air bubble is usually created which causes the material to collapse in a much larger area.

5.- ELASTICITY BEFORE STRUCTURE MOVEMENTS: The Tecwool-F mortar has a deformation and elasticity capacity that most of the rigid mortars do not have. This makes that important cracks appears in structures protected by any other mortar in both the knots and places where the structure arrow by its inability absorb any movement. These cracks can lead to significant plaque detachments.

6.- CLEANING: Thanks to its composition (rock wool + Cement + other additives), the Tecwool-F mortar is much easier to clean than it has been stained, since the cement sets for 28 days and does not Leaves residue. Other mortars have a difficult cleaning both in wet and dry (the most complicated one) environments.

7.- FINISHING AND WASTE: The Tecwool-F mortar having a short fiber and projecting at a maximum of 20 cm from the support, presents a homogeneous finishing and presents very little waste. Other mortars, when normally projected with excessive fluidity, have drips and a less homogeneous finish, especially in important thicknesses.

8.- PERFORATIONS FOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS: When a small surface of Tecwool -F has to be removed to hang or to pass an installation, the product can be removed with a small spatula without making the surrounding material to lose its adhesion. When another mortar is removed, there is usually a lack of adhesion on the surrounding surface resulting in a large chipping.

9.- THERMO-ACOUSTIC PROPERTIES: The Rock Wool present in the Tecwool -F Mortar confers perfect acoustic conditions in reverberant chambers, besides excellent thermal properties that prevent that through the metal or the projected surface there is a thermal bridge, properties that other mortars do not possess.

10.- CE MARKING .- The mortar Tecwool F was the first mortar of Rock Wool to obtain the CE mark.