The Fire and Home Risk Prevention Week

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

The Fire and Home Risk Prevention Week is a program designed to raise awareness among citizens, especially children and the elderly, to learn how to act in case of an emergency, promoting a “new culture of prevention.” Children will receive guides and notebooks for fire prevention and other risks and will attend workshops and games related to these topics,

The activities will help participants to identify the risks that can run in their homes and workplaces, receiving advices and information about protocols so they will know how to act correctly in case of an emergency.

Most of this type of accidents occurs at night, in residential buildings and during winter months; while the causes are due in 29% of cases to heat appliances, while electricity and smokers cause another 20% of fires.

In some areas such as Madrid, new projects will be developed to raise awareness of society, such as a serial of visits by firefighters to senior homes or the increasement in visits by children to fire stations.

Source: Telemadrid