We should stop fires!

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

Winter is the time of year when more fires happen. Victims: old people, time: dawn, space: living room and kitchens, causes: plugs in poor condition, candles, cigars, stoves too close … These are some of the variables of a drama that repeats every year.

In 2015 there were 164 fire deaths in homes, according to data from firefighters and insurers.

Putting a brake on this fatal statistic is one of the priority objectives of TECNIFUEGO-AESPI for this new year.


• Call 112.

• Cut the electric current and the gas inlet.

• Know the location of home extinguishers and their handling.

• Try to put out the fire only if it is small and it can be controlled.

• If you attempt to turn it off, it must be located between the fire and the escaping route.

• Do not use water:

– When you can reach electrical installations.

– When the fire has started because of inflammable liquids (oil, gasoline, etc.).

• If you can not turn it off, do not take unnecessary risks, find a safe place and leave the area.

• When leaving the burning place:

– Close the doors on exit, and crawl if there is smoke.

• Do not use elevators as an escape route.

• If the ladder is full of smoke stay in your home.

• In case you can not leave the house by fire:

– Lock yourself in a room, cover the slots in the door, with wet rags to avoid smoke, and see yourself through the window.