Top 15 Amazing Facts About Fire

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

– Fire is a chemical reaction that releases light and heat.

– The ancient Greeks amazingly started fire with concentrated sunlight. A parabolic mirror that focuses solar rays is still used to ignite the Olympic torch.

– Amazing fact is earth is the only known planet where fire can burn. Everywhere else you don’t find enough oxygen for fire to occur.

– Fire triangle represents the three components that fires need to exist: heat, oxygen and fuel. Fire is extinguished when one of these components is missing.

– Fact is oxygen supply influences the color of the flame. A low oxygen fire gives off a yellow glow. A high oxygen fire burns blue.

– Candle flames are blue at the bottom because that’s where they take up fresh air, and yellow at the top because the rising fumes from below partly suffocate the upper part of the flame.

– Amazing fact is fire can make water. Place a cold spoon over a candle and you will observe the water vapor condense on the metal. Wax contains hydrogen which combines with oxygen to make water.

– Assuming stable fuel, heat and oxygen levels, a typical house fire will amazingly double in size every minute.

– Fire is faster than generally thought as it takes less than thirty seconds for a fire to become very difficult to control.

– A candle flame typically burns at around 1000 degrees Celsius (1800 Fahrenheit).

– Amazing fact is that more people die from smoke inhalation than flames. Fire can suck all of the oxygen from a room and fill it with poisonous smoke and gases before flames even reach a room.

– During wildfires it’s amazing that trees can explode if water deep inside the tree quickly turns to steam.

– The heat from a fire alone is enough to kill. It can get as hot as 315 degrees Celsius at eye level , hot enough to scorch your lungs if you breathe it in and to melt the clothes you’re wearing into your skin.

– If you’re in a burning house, you might not be able to see. It can be pitch black because of the dark smoke.

– Amazingly you might not be able to find the exit in fire even if you’ve lived there for years since smoke can be extremely disorienting. Memorize your escape plan beforehand and practice it blindfolded.

– Air is 21 percent oxygen which combines with acetylene and you get an oxyacetylene welding torch that burns at over 5500 degrees Fahrenheit, the hottest fire you encounter.

– A gallon of gasoline has the explosive potential of 30 sticks of dynamite.

– Amazingly you can start a fire with ice.

– At 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, unprotected steel may collapse under its own weight during fire.

– Amazing fact is that forest fires move faster uphill than downhill! The steeper the slope, the faster the fire travels.