Cattle to prevent forest fires

Actualizado a fecha: 2 December, 2018

People are guilty of 98% of forest fires. That’s why prevention work remains the key driver to stop this scourge that each year affects our forests and their flora and fauna in particular.

In this regard, the work done by the brigades and volunteers, among others, other more natural methods such as the use of cattle are added to help eliminate fuel plants. This agricultural practice (considered sustainable) is beneficial for the mountains pastures. At the same time, they have an important involvement with the service regulation of forest fires, both in maintaining firebreaks areas, such as reducing fuel plans amount.

Sheeps, goats and cattle are responsible for ending the fuel plant that would be a ‘powder keg’ in case of contact with flames, and thus obliterate hectares of forest area. Also they allow the maintenance of the firewall. Still, this activity should be carried out prudently so that the results are beneficial when fighting the fire.

Original source: Las Provincias  (translation)