Fire protection, a safe and profitable investment

Actualizado a fecha: 5 September, 2019

The number of accidents in Spain is increasing year after year. Fires are one of the most common incidents. They cause a huge cost to many companies every year.. According to the data published by UNESPA, the Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, each year there are about 42,000 fires in industries. (see Common causes of industrial fires).

The cost resulting from the fires rises up to 378 million of euros. Apart from that we need to count the collateral damages such as the loss of jobs, the production and sales loss and the consequent damage to the brand image. Fire safety in industries requires special attention because of the use of materials, machinery and processes involving risk.

Some researches and studies focus on two as the main causes of the increase of accidents by fire:

–  The costs reduction, resulting in a lack of maintenance of fire protection equipment.

– The professional intrusion that exists in the sector, which means a poor execution of fire protection equipment maintenance made by these companies not certified.

In such scenario, both active and passive protection security measures must be taken. In case of fire, the recovery costs will be much higher than a previous installation of preventive solutions and fire resistance and smoke evacuation systems. The activity of the industry must be considered, and the facilities adjusted according to the inherent risk. At mercor tecresa® we offer a wide range of passive protection solutions for different supports and structures.

For steel or concrete structures, these products can be applied:

Likewise, dividing walls/roof firebreaks with adjoining buildings should be taken into consideration. For fire protection, we supply Tecwool® F mortar and Tecbor® Y board, suitable products for the installation of fire strips.

We must not forget the sectorization of gaps and service crossings between two sectors of fire by sealing them with Tecsel® Sealing Systems.