Firewalls Linings

Actualizado a fecha: 7 February, 2019

On certain occasions, we have a vertical and dividing element which resistance to fire needs to be increased by one of its sides, either because of a fire sector change or because of an adaptation to the current regulations. In these cases we must study the support work and depending on what we have, we will use some of the different solutions designed and tested by our R & D department.

It is used commonly in factories, when a tenant rents or buys an industrial building that has partitions with other neighbors and because of the risks involved with its activity, they need to equip these gutters with a determined fire resistance. The RDSCIEI, section 5.2 states:

Fire resistance for party walls or bordering walls must be at least:

firewalls lining

Many times we find divisors between two neighbors made with concrete block sup to 3 m high and from there up closed with sheet. This last element does not meet fire resistance and must be endowed with the fire resistance required in the table above. It is done only in one direction because when the activity license project is done, its purpose is to prevent a fire to pass from your facility to the neighbor’s, and not the other way around.

a) Firewalls Linings EI-120 with 70 mm channel/stud structure, 70 mm thick Rock Wool and 100 Kg/m3 density and two 15 mm Tecbor A Silicate and Magnesite Panel plates.

b) Firewalls Linings EI-120/EI-180 by 49 mm projection of Tecwool F mortar applied to the steel sheet

With these two solutions that will depend on your finish touch, we solve the fire resistance problem of the party wall, giving as always fire safety contrasted with the tests performed according to the current regulations