Mercor Tecresa® has received the DAPcons®

Mercor Tecresa® has received the DAPcons® Certificate (Environmental Product Declaration) for its committal to achieving sustainability with the environment while continuing to progress in the environmental aspects of product development.


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DAPcons® are the Environmental Product Declarations for the Construction Sector and are a very effective tool to achieve compliance with national and international legislation.  In addition, these declarations encourage and improve the environmental aspects in the construction sector.

DAPcons® development is based on a set of rules that are followed when studying the Life Cycle (LCA) of any product.

These rules are known as Product Category Rules (PCR), which include:


  • PCR of thermal insulators
  • PCR of ceramic coverings
  • PCR of stone and aggregates
  • PCR of construction products in general


In addition, our products at Mercor Tecresa® carry the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) eco-labeling system, regulated by the ISO 14025 and 15804 standards.  These standards provide information regarding the impact that products have on the environment throughout their entire life cycle. Ecolabels are useful because they allow users to quickly distinguish the best products from an environmental point of view.

With more environmental transparency in the construction sector, technicians and professionals are now able to focus on the environmental criteria of a product, thereby representing a step beyond the traditional criteria comprised of a product´s aesthetic, economic and functional capacities.

Based on the above reasons, Mercor Tecresa® certifies with DAPcons® that its products TECWOOL® MORTARS  and TECBOR® BOARDS meet the necessary requirements to take care of the environment in all of our projects.

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In Mercor Tecresa® we are committed to maintaining and caring for the environment with the sustainable and efficient use of water, energy, materials and resources.  We ensure the utmost of environmental quality in all of our projects containing our TECWOOL® MORTARS and TECBOR® BOARDS products.