Obras Terminal Zero Zaragoza protegida con Pintura Intumescente Teclack-W® Mercor Tecresa

The Zaragoza Wind Tunnel, protected with Teclak-W® intumescent paint

‘Terminal Zero. Ministry of Flight ‘, a new free fall simulation attraction located in Zaragoza (Spain), has chosen mercor tecresa® Intumescent Paint Teclack-W® to protect its main metal structure. This second skin, flame retardant and environment-friendly, is particularly recommended in preserving steel structures at temperatures from 350ºC to 750ºC (European standard EN 13501-2).

The so-called Wind Tunnel allows you to put yourself in a skydiver shoes for few minutes, felling yourself a jump at 4,000 meters high and 200 km/h. It is integrated into the largest building in the world for this activity, according to its promoters. The fire resistance in this kind of construction that usually has a metal structure to support large distances between pillars, must be performed under the steel building regulations. It has been possible to achieve this goal with Teclack-W® Intumescent Paint, which provides the metal structure with not only the bearing capacity R (according to the project), but also the aesthetic (due to its smooth finish) and the fire resistance (less or equal to one hour).

Pintura Protectora Intumescente Fuego Incendio Mercor Tecresa Teclack-W®

Teclack-W® Intumescent Paint protects metal profiles in contact with the fire and the high temperatures in two ways:

-First, there is a chemical reaction in which the product expands to increase its volume thereby lowering the temperature in said reaction.

-Then, the same product, already expanded (a kind of foam-like ash), performs a function of thermal insulation in the metal profiles delaying the moment to reach the critical temperature, being 500ºC in most cases in building.

On the other hand, Teclack-W® Paint is a product that does not require solvents, since it is diluted with water in a maximum proportion of 3%. It is thus a much less toxic and polluting solution than other paints, both for the applicator itself, the surrounding people and the environment. Likewise, it has passed the tests according to the UNE EN-13502-2 standard in a temperature range from 350ºC to 750ºC, both for open profiles type I or H, and for closed profiles, thus complying with the requirements of the applicable regulations.

Operario Trabajando Protección Edificio Pintura Intumescente Teclack-W®

For the low fire resistance (15 or 30 minutes), such as that required in the Zaragoza Wind Tunnel, the necessary coating thickness ranges between 250-00 microns. The application consists on a single quick layer using Airless, getting a proper finishing. It is also possible to apply it by brush or paint roller, being highly recommended a compatible finishing enamel to seal the pore of the intumescent paint since the environmental humidity could degrade quickly the product losing its fire-retardant properties.

In the case of installations that require a greater resistance to fire, other Passive Protection systems should be considered, such as fireproof mortars in a plaster or cement base (Tecwool F® or Tecplaster®) or the possibility of Coating with Silicate and magnesia Panels (for example, our Tecbor Plaques®). Applied in several coats of paint, these are products of lumpy texture (like an orange peel) that also raise the budget price and the execution time.