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Tecbor® Boards - Curtain Walls

The DB SI in its section concerning external propagation, indicates that in order to limitate the risk of vertical propagation through the façade between two fire sectors, between a particularly high risk area and other higher zones
in the building, or towards a protected staircase or protected corridor, this façade shall be at least EI-60 in a belt with height of not less than 1 metre.

Catastrophes affecting high-rises have shown the importance of protecting and anchoring joints between both slabs and facades. Otherwise, existing holes between curtain walls and light facades can work as true chimneys in case of fire causing flames and smoke to get out of control propagating into higher areas in the building, and thus hampering an orderly evacuation procedure.

The manifold and various configurations of facades make it difficult to decide on the most appropriate protection. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department for assistance.

Muros cortina
Muro cortina Tecbor EI-120

Standard : UNE EN 1364-1
Laboratory : CIDEMCO
Test Nº : 12_02712


1. Tecbor® B 20 mm boards.
2. 48x30x0,5 mm metal runner.
3. 3,5×35 mm.
4. 3,5 x 45 mm self-tapping screw.
5. 10×60 mm metal plug.
6. Slabs.
7. 46x36x0,6 mm metal stud.
8. 13 mm plasterboard panel.
8. 70 x 70 x 1 mm angle.

Description of Assembly

This is a curtain wall solution without assymetrical crossing slab. The upper side, is a partition without wool.

It consists in a 13 mm laminated plaster partition fixed on the inner side to a 46 mm metal stud by means of 3.5 x 35 mm dry partition hardware. On the opposite side, it has a 20 mm Tecbor® board fixed to the 46 metal stud by means of 3.5 x 35 mm dry partition hardware.


On the slab lower part, Tecbor® boards were installed with 70 x 70 x 1 mm angle and 3.5 x 45 mm screw.

Product document

Muro cortina sin paso de forjado tecbor 30 EI60

Standard : UNE EN 1364-4
Laboratory : TECNALIA
Test Nº : 074490-001-1/2


1. Tecbor® B 30 mm boards.
2. Fixing angle.
3. 40x40x2 mm metal algle.
4. M6 metal plug.
5. 3,5 x 45 mm screw.
6. 70×70 mm metal stud.

Description of Assembly

Fix the 40x40x2 mm supporting metal angle to the Tecbor® 30 mm board using fixing anchors every 500 mm.

Once the angles are fixed to the boards, fix to the slab using M6 metal plugs. Then place Tecbor® 30 mm plates 250 mm wide using 3,5×45 mm screws.

Then Tecbor® Joint Paste or Tecbor® bonding compound is applied to all screw heads and between boards.

Product document

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