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Heat wave…and fire hazard

Summer has arrived and also the heat waves. Europe is getting ready for a warm air mass coming from Africa which implies some issues concerning safety.

As it is already known, high temperatures make forests especially vulnerable areas each year, leaving mountains and hills to fire caused by multiple possible factors. But what happens with urban centres or constructions close to these vegetated areas?

Due to the real estate expansion, it is getting more and more usual to find built-up areas bordering or even into forests and city parks. A fire caused in a zone full of vegetation could become a big disaster to the dwellings or spare and industrial buildings close to it. For this reason, it is extremely important to apply the correct active and passive fire protection systems.

Likewise, a fire caused inside these buildings could present an environmental hazard if the flames spread and get the green areas.  This is why the applied protection would play a dual role by saving not only people but environment and allowing fire-fighting teams get on time.

In mercor tecresa® we work to make environment-friendly materials, which hold enough capacity for fire resistance and smoke evacuation to save lives and structures. Our catalogue offers a wide range of products that adapt to our clients needs, such as Tecwool®, our main line of fire-resistant mortar; the rigid Tecbor®Board; Tecsel® sealing systems, and the multiple equipment for smoke evacuation and control of temperature.