collarin Tecsel

New test for the Tecsel® intumescent collar

Intumescent collars are very important elements of the passive fire protection. Indeed, they prevent the spread of fire through holes that appear when plastic pipes crossing several fire sectors melt.

These collars are composed of a stainless-steel metal case wrapped around an intumescent product made of graphite with different thicknesses depending on the diameter of the plastic pipe we want to protect.

Their installation is very simple. They are placed around the plastic pipe and are fixed to the sectoring element (wall or slab) using metal brackets that come with the collar:


The operation of the Tecsel intumescent collar is simple. When the temperature rises during a fire, the plastic pipes immediately begin to soften and eventually melt down to the ground. The intumescent product then begins to multiply its volume, completely closing the hole and preventing the passage of smoke and flames to the other side of the sectoring element. The graphite present in the collar also serves as thermal insulation.



The Tecsel® collar has been tested for different thermoplastic pipes such as: PVC-U, PVC-C, PE-HD, PE, ABS, SAN + PVC, PP-R, etc. and is valid for brick, cement or plaster partitions, and slabs (floors and ceilings).

The collar can be used for a single pipe or for a group of plastic pipes that cross several sectors.


It is also possible to install it around pipes that penetrate a partition or slab in a non-perpendicular way:


Another important aspect, when the elbow of the pipe has been placed too close to the slab and doesn’t leave room to close the Tecsel® collar properly, as is often the case in garage installations, it is possible to leave it open up to a diameter of 160 mm while guaranteeing an EI-120, as shown below:


The great novelty is that our Tecsel® collars have now been tested from our R + D + I department to achieve a new EI-180 minutes fire resistance, often required in high-risk premises or below the ground in buildings over 26m high.