Over Box Tecplaster

Tecplaster® fireproof mortar

mercor tecresa´s R+D department, has developed a new fireproof mortar called Tecplaster®. This mortar has a great hardness and rigidity, which makes it ideal for transit areas where it can suffer blows or friction.

It is composed of a hydraulic binder (plaster) to which are added Perlite and Vermiculite. They are volcanic minerals that, due to their properties, lighten the product and give it greater thermal insulation while improving its behaviour against fire at the same time. It is also composed of other additives that improve its physical and fireproof properties.

The spraying process of the Tecplaster® mortar is carried out through spraying machine with endless screw bomb by wet procedure. Once applied, its appearance is white and rough. It can be smoothed, and it is also compatible with the application of paints to change its appearance and colour.

To guarantee and be able to certify the use of this flame retardant mortar, we have carried out several standard tests for its most common uses in construction:

1.- Test for the protection of metallic structures in accordance with the current test regulations EN 13501-2: 2016 guaranteeing the bearing capacity of a metal structure up to 240 minutes (R-240). To calculate the thickness according to each metallic profile, we need to calculate the SECTION FACTOR (numerical value that defines the best and worst behaviour of the profile). The section factor is the result of the relationship between the surface exposed to fire and the total volume of the metallic profile. For regular cross-section profiles (which are the most common), this formula can be replaced by the quotient between the length of the perimeter of the profile and the area of the cross-section of the profile, expressed in meters.

The thickness values of the Tecplaster mortar according to massivity for a critical temperature of 500ºC are:


2.- Test for the protection of concrete structures: This test allows us to guarantee the fire protection of concrete structures and slabs through the application of Tecplaster® mortar. Its use is very common during renovation work. For a critical temperature of 300ºC, when concrete begins to lose its bearing properties, the equivalent thicknesses of Tecplaster® in relation to the concrete thickness are as follows:


3.- False ceiling membrane testing for the protection of metal and concrete structures: Another way to protect metal and concrete load-bearing structures is to project a horizontal membrane of our Tecplaster® mortar, thus increasing the bearing capacity of these elements up to three hours (R-180).

The advantages of Tecplaster mortar over other mortars of similar characterristics are:

  • Hardness and rigidity. Its application is adequate for transit zones.
  • The performance of the product, which allows to consume less kg of mortar.
  • Easy application with common mortar spraying machines.
  • Possibility to smoothen the projected surface.
  • Possibility to paint it.