What to do in case of fire at the workplace

A fire, whatever its origin, is an imminent danger to people who are nearby.

The most important thing in these situations is to keep calm. Adrenaline and nerves are natural reactions that could put us into a bigger risk. In case of fire in our workplace, we have to act quick and keep ourselves safe.

At work or very busy places, the emergency chief must be aware of the evacuation escape plan and know the safety measures and instructions in case of fire. This person will be specified on the occupational risks plan developed for each company.


What to do in case of fire

  • Pull the alarm when noticing a fire
  • Do not pick up any belonging.
  • Evacuate calmly. All the employees must know emergency exits and use them carefully. Leave the paths clear to facilitate everyone’s evacuation.
  • As far as possible, close windows. The last person to exit should close the doors after crossing.
  • Do not use lifts. You may get trapped or go to the wrong floor.
  • Do not open warm or smoking doors. The consequence of opening it would be a backdraft.
  • If there is smoke in the air, stay low to the ground and protect your mouth and nose. Smoke goes to top air layers. It is extremely toxic and reaches high temperatures that may cause severe burns.
  • If you are trapped, look for a place with an outdoor window where you can be seen from to the rescue teams. Block the holes where smoke can come in with a wet clothing, preferably. Open the window only when it is extremely necessary to breath. The entrance of oxygen can fan the fire.

Fire protection

It is very important that all the active fire protection systems are updated and in perfect conditions (alarms, hoses, sprinklers, fire extinguishers…) to ease the extinction. Nonetheless, a correct installation of passive fire protection solutions can save not only the structure but also lives.

The protection of the building, the installation of smoke exhaust systems and the compartmentalization of fire sectors will reduce the material costs of the damage by allowing a better integrity of the building until the fire is extinguished. Also, these solutions will provide the necessary time to evacuate all the personnel.


Contact our technical team for further information about passive fire protection systems.